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Shuenn Shing Yeong Industry Co. was established by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yeong-Lin Yeh, in 1959. In July 1988, after years of spectacular business growth, the company's facilities were expanded and relocated to its present location near the Tainan exit of the superhighway. The new site has a land area of 14,400 square meters and a building size of 9,216 square meters. It is composed of two different facilities: one for manufacturing of steel pipes and the other for precision drawing of the tubes. The machinery in both facilities are constantly being updated with the best technologies from advanced countries.

The products from the pipe factory are:

In addition to supplying steel pipes for our own tube drawing factory, we also distribute steel pipes to other tube fabrication companies that demand superb electric welding and complete elimination of welding marks in their products. The quality of our steel pipes is never compromised.

The tube drawing factory performs precise cold processing of the steel tubes. We draw the steel pipes to the exact specifications of our customers in terms of:

We can meet any specific requests from our customers. We can provide carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, and seamed (or seamless) steel pipe for use in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, hydraulic cylinders, air pressure cylinders, and numerous other applications.

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